Welcome to St. John’s Ida

Our Church

St. John’s Ida is an Anglican Church, about 15 minutes west of Peterborough, with a long and rich history.  Our mission statement is “To know Christ and to make him known”.  This shapes the life of our community.

At a recent meeting the following responses were offered to the question: “what do we hold most dear?”

  • Family
  • Scripture
  • Gospel Preaching
  • Music
  • Feeling at Home
  • Fellowship (caring within the Church family and beyond)
  • That we know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and we want to make him known.

We are seeking to cultivate a welcoming community where all people can come and grow in the knowledge and love of God who has made himself known supremely in Jesus Christ and who is present by the Holy Spirit.

If you are looking for a church family, regardless of your church background, where you can make new friends, belong and feel at home, then we would encourage you to join us on a Sunday morning (9:30 am).    In addition to Sunday mornings we have a variety of activities that go on during the week, depending on the time of year (Tuesday Night Dinners, Bible Studies, Youth Groups, T-Ball, to name a few).

Peter Mills

Rector (Pastor)

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